2020: God’s Purpose in your Generation

by Chad Mansbridge. As we close out the 2019 year and look forward to a brand new decade, Chad brings us a word from the life and example of King David, a man who “served the purposes of God in his generation” (Acts 13:36). Keys to this testimony include the fact that David demonstrated love and respect for the people in his life: those who shaped his past, served with him in his present, and would succeed him into the future.

Born to Die, Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part 2 of this pre-Christmas mini-series, Chad brings fresh and revealing insights to Jesus’ “Lost Things Found” parables in Luke 15, before circling back to last week’s message where we see Jesus giving His life for both Jew and Gentile… those lost “in the house” and those who are “far off”: sons who were dead, but are made in Christ!

Born to Die, Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. As we begin our Christmas Season, Chad shows us the correlation between Jesus’ birth and death, stressing the point that He came both for His nation (the Jews) and the nations of the entire world. This in-depth teaching takes us through some Old Testament history as it relates to the promise of Israel’s two kingdoms being united under Messiah, and finishes up in Romans 9 and Ephesians 2 where the mystery of the “one new man” is revealed. Enjoy

Preparing the Table for 2020

by Jaye Mansbridge. Looking ahead to 2020, Jaye draws from the Last Supper account to bring a word on making preparations for 2020.