Heroes: Elisha (2 Kings 4)

by Rob Moores. Continuing our ‘Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes’ preaching series, Rob draws encouragement from Elisha (2 Kings 4) and shows that heroes are those who operate in the power of the Holy Spirit—demonstrated in qualities such as courage, character, compassion and obedience. Christians are called to both have heroes, and to be heroes!

Heroes Come in All Shapes & Sizes

by Jaye Mansbridge. In this introductory message to our Spring Preaching Series, Jaye takes us to Ephesians Chapter 1 and encourages us to be confident in our newfound, and unique, identity in Christ. Packaged with purpose, it’s time to get out of the box and become all that our Creator has called you to be!

Heroes: David (1 Samuel 17)

by Chad Mansbridge. A favourite Bible-story for kids everywhere, the tale of David and Goliath is not to be dismissed as a mere fable, fantasy, fairy-tale or work of fiction… it is a power-packed story with significant lessons for people of all generations, and through all generations. Get ready to hear a familiar passage with a fresh perspective today!

See the Invisible, Do the Impossible

by Barry Chant. In his first ministry visit to Bayside Church, Barry Chant takes Paul’s apostolic prayer from Ephesians 1 and speaks to the importance of having the ‘eyes of our heart’ opened to the wonders of God’s glorious grace. Be encouraged by this faith-fuelled word today!

Powerful Proclamations for 2020 (Psalm 20)

by Chad Mansbridge. As we reach the 20-week point of our 2020 shutdowns, Chad brings a powerful word from Psalm 20. Here, the psalmist encourages us to use the life-giving authority of our words (whether spoken or sung) to issue in peace, protection and prosperity in times of distress! A message not to be missed, and not to be ignored!