Good News: God Gives & Encourages Rest!

by Brooke Wheatley. This Christmas season & leading into the New Year, be encouraged that God wants us to trust Him to strengthen us and bring us rest. Proper Godly rest renews us, redirects us & causes us to remember what is important, especially in this Christmas season. Key scriptures include: Matthew 11:28, Isaiah 40:31, Mark 6:30-32.

Good News: God Can be Known

by Chad Mansbridge. Acts 17 records the apostle Paul's famous sermon on Mars Hill in the ancient city of Athens. It is here that he declares some very good news indeed: the 'Unknown God' can, in fact, be known! In his fourth, and final instalment of this 'Good News of Great Joy' series, follow Chad as he unpacks the context of this powerful message, and reveals it's practical pertinence for us today. Key texts include: Acts 17:16-34.

Good News: The Power of the Gospel!

by Paul Tothill. Long time friends of Chad and Jaye, but first time guests to Bayside, Paul brings an impassioned word on the power inherent in the Good News, calling us and causing us to press through the storms of life and emerge stronger in God’s purposes. Key texts include; Psalm 105; Mark 6.