Covered by the Lamb

Jeff discusses another thing to think about - how humanity was covered by The Lamb from the very beginning.

By Jeff Evers

Key Scriptures:  Genesis 3:7, 3:21, 22:8, John 1:29, 1 Peter 1:19-20

God KNOWS Everything

By: Caleb Wheatley

Lets spend some time thinking on the knowledge of God, he knows everything there is to know of all time, he knows his creation to a tee. This is why we can trust him with everything we are because he knows us best.

Key Scriptures: 1 Cor 2:11, Job 37:15, Isaiah 46:10, Rom 11:33-35, Isaiah 40:14, Psalms 33:18, Prov 5:21, Genesis 37:31, Rom 8:28, Genesis 41:37-40


by Caleb Wheatley

The Bible says that God is everywhere, a thought like this is worth thinking about and pondering on; as we do , we will discover that he is not only everywhere at the same time, but also he is closer than we sometimes think.

Key Scriptures: Psalms 139:7-10, Colossians 1:17, Job 33:4, 34:15, Chronicles 2:6, Jeremiah 23:23-24, Isaiah 41:10


The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

By Ryan Rufus.

What is this story really about? What impact should it have on us? What is the message God is wanting us to see? This message carries and impartation of grace and freedom.


Key scriptures: Luke 7:36-50. Mark 14: 3-9.

The BIGness of God.

By: Caleb Wheatley

How often do we take some time to stop, think, ponder or chew on the bigness of God. How often do we stop, think or ponder on the fact that he is almighty. It is often a line we throw out there without much weight. But the truth and the sheer size of the thought is so much more amazing than we can even imagine. The Omnipotence of God truly is “something to think about”

Key Texts:  Psalms 34:1, 51:6, 89:8-13, 145Matthew 19:26, Hebrews 11:3, Job 38:4-7, 42:2, Isaiah 14:26-27, 40:28, 43:13, 


You are a builder

By Brooke Wheatley

Join us as Brooke takes us through the promises, the favour and the journey of Bayside church and revisits some of the early prophecy regarding Bayside.

Key Texts: Matthew 16:13-20, Zechariah 8:1-17, Ezra 4:4, Ephesians 4:11-16


Certain in uncertain times

By: Caleb Wheatley

This I am certain of. That God has given us all we need to have peace as external events happen in this world. Let us never forget who is on the throne. If you find yourself feeling worried by events or happenings that are going on around you, be encouraged that it is all a part of God's big picture plan.

Scriptures: Acts 20:22-24, Micah 5:2,4, Isaiah 7:14, Mathew 24:4, Eph 1:20

The power of intercessional prayer

By Noni Potter

Noni takes us through a scripturally intense journey about prayer and the power of prayer to intercede for others and even ourselves.

Key Scriptures:
Phil 4:6, Genesis 2, 1 John 3:8, Luke 9:1,10:19, Ephesians 2:5,6:18, 1 Kings 18:44-45, James 5:17, 2 Chronicles 20:3,6-8,10-13,15-17,20-23, Psalms 138, Isaiah 55, Ezekiel 37

The fight of follow leads us to the freedom of follow.

By Caleb Wheatley

In a world that is constantly fighting for our attention, there is one who deserves ours. As we heed the call when Jesus asks us to “follow him” we find that in our hearing and our doing there is richness of freedom so precious, one full of protection and provision to live kingdom.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 4-7,  John 10

Beyond 85.4

By Caleb Wheatley

Today for Mother’s Day 2024.  We celebrate Mothers.  In 2 Timothy we see Paul write a letter to his young protégé Timothy and encourages him to follow the genuine example set by his mother and grandmother by stating that Paul sees the same Faith in him. Lets have a look at this scripture and celebrate the mothers that live their live with sincere faith; because that kind of faith goes beyond our years.

Key Scriptures: 2 Timothy 1:5, John 15:4

Create in me a transformation

By John Minney

Because we need an ongoing continual transformation to carry all the previous create in me messages.  A fresh heart for the lost.  A fearless faith that trusts in you.  A heart for evangelism.  A river that gives life.  Who you created me to be.  Your Story.  A desire to know God and show God.

John shared some of the God given transformations in his life. This transformation is available for us today so that we can enter into what God has pre-planned for us to do.

Key Scriptures:  John 3:3, Galatians 2:20,  1Corinthians 2:9-16,  Mark 1:16-20, Ephesians 2:8-10, Ephesians 1:4-5,11-14


Create in me a desire to know and show God!

By Jeff Evers

Remember because of the cross, we are forgiven, we are holy, we are righteous, we are perfect in God's eyes, we are loved beyond measure, we are his chosen possession, we are a child of God, we are complete in Him, we are seated in heavenly places, we are his ambassadors, and we are part of an amazing family in God.

That God is our Creator, he is most high, he is the everlasting one, our provider, our healer, our peace, our shepherd our righteousness and our saviour.

Key scriptures:  Genesis 3:10, Hebrews 4:14-16, Exodus 3:11-14, Matthew 16:13-15

Create in me your story

By Brooke Wheatley

Did you know that God has created you to be a storyteller? Brooke leads our family service along with some guests who share their testimony and how God has written His redeeming story into their lives. Also includes some practical ideas on how to develop your testimony and share with others.

Key scriptures: Ephesians 3:20-21, 1 Peter 3.15, Psalm 66.16, Acts 26, Psalm 51.10, Hebrews 4.16

God creates in us

By Caleb Wheatley

Caleb expresses that God has already designed us for a purpose, and God has created in us everything we need.

Key Texts:  Psalms 139:5,14


Resurrection Sunday 2024

by Caleb Wheatley

Come join us this Resurrection Sunday where we hear a message on the Resurrection of Jesus and the power we now have under the New Covenant.

Key Texts: Luke 24:1-7, Colossians 2:9-15

A Heart for Evangelism

by Ryan Rufus

Ryan shares stories of failures and successes in his adventures in evangelism and gives us
all an assignment on how we can see more people saved.

Key Texts: Rom 1:16 Rom 3:10-12 Rom 3:23 Rom 6:23 Rom 10:9-15 Luke 14:15-24


A Fearless Faith

by Sean Smith

Do you know that Gods desire is to create in us a heart that KNOWS Him/His word/His Character intimately, so that nothing, no fear, no circumstances, no doubt, can hinder us from shining and manifesting Gods heart and destiny in our lives and into the lives of others! It is Gods desire that we move from believing God & His promises to knowing that His words are true for every day living.


Key Texts: Hebrews 11:6, Psalms 27, 1 John 4:16-18, 2 Peter 1

A Heart for the Lost

By Brooke Wheatley.

Today Brooke launches a new series based on Psalm 51.10. Todays focus was on having a Heart for the Lost.

Key scriptures: Psalms 51:10, Luke 15, Hebrews 4:16


Let the Fun Begin

Let the Fun Begin

By Caleb Wheatley

Join us as Caleb revisits the mission of Bayside Church which is “to know Jesus and to show Jesus”. Caleb takes us through the ways we as believers know Him and show Him whilst encouraging us to live a life that does just that.

Key Texts: Luke 14:23, Matthew 7:20, Romans 8:1

The Cross and all its Benefits

by Mal Munro

Mal takes us through the Bible giving us an overview and background for his main theme, which is the wonderful benefits of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross.

Key Scriptures : Romans 5:15, Colossians 2:14-15, Romans 3:19-31, Matthew 10:10

Being ordinary qualifies you!

By Brooke Wheatley

Brooke shares a message about how the Lord uses those of us who feel unqualified and unworthy to progress His works.

Key texts:  Ephesians 2:4-5, 10; Colossians 2:13-15; John 15:1

Faith and Finance - Session 2 - Truly living when we're giving.

By: Caleb Wheatley

Caleb continues the exploration of how our finances have a role to play in our faith and vice versa.

Key Texts: Luke 11:42, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, Matthew 26:7

Faith and Finance - Session 1 - Does Faith mingle with our finances?

By: Caleb Wheatley

Out of curiosity, Caleb explores if Money matters to God. And if it does should it matter to us? Lets journey together to find out.

Key Texts: Psalms 50:10, Psalms 112:3, Matthew 6:19-21,33

Keep Hope Alive

By Lianne Perry

Lianne shares her fresh understanding on the seemingly inconsistent treatment
of Zechariah and Mary from Luke 1 revealing 7 ways we can persevere in hope;
confidently believing as we look to the future with expectancy.

Key Texts: Luke 1:5-38, Romans 15:13


The Unholy Trinity of Revelation

By Barry Chant

Dr. Barry Chant presents some of his keys to unlocking further understanding of Revelation.

Key Texts: Revelation 5:5-6, Revelation 12 - 14, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Peter 2:21


2024 Called for more

By Caleb Wheatley. The year has already started and is well underway. Some of us have some decisions to make. Caleb shares on how God is interested in our journey and calls us to Him for guidance in the decision-making process, and that throughout that process we can trust God to lead us, because trustworthiness is a part of who He is. Key texts: John 15:16, 1 Cor 1:9, Rom 8:30, John 15:16, Ps 27:1, Ps 18:30, Deut 32:4, Ps 105, Ps 46:1, Col 3:17


What is in God's presence?

by Ryan Rufus.  This word will help you get into the presence of God and receive the multiple benefits of the richness of His anointing.

Key Texts - Genesis 2:7, 2 Corinthians 3:6, Ephesians 5:17-18, Isaiah 40:28-31


Same Same - But Superior

By Caleb Wheatley.   The lead-up to Christmas (commonly called Advent) is typically a time to reflect about the promises of God. We reflect on the promises in the past that God has done, we reflect on the promises he is fulfilling in the present and we look forward to the promises yet to have taken place and the promise of his return in glory. Today Caleb takes an overarching look at the story of Moses and Jesus together they are same same, but the story of Jesus is far superior.

Key Scriptures: Heb 1:1-4, Ex 2, Luke 2, Ex 3:7, Luke 3, Ex 6-7, Luke 4, Luke 4:43, Ex 12, Rev 22:1-3, Rev 22:12-13

Too Good Not to Share - Get out of the boat!

by Brooke Wheatley. Today Brooke shares about Getting out of the Boat and how we can rely on Jesus to lead us and also to catch us when we need it. Key Texts - Matthew 14:15-33, Jeremiah 29:12-13, 1 Peter 3:12, Psalms 18:6

Caleb talks about Bayside's Prophetic Word from Kimberley Douglas.

by Caleb Wheatley.  After a few amazing weeks as a church, God is doing things in the midst of his people. Caleb shares from the heart on what God is revealing bit by bit as we are led, whilst encouraging us to continue to follow Jesus in all that we do. Elly Parker also gives a word. Keys Texts - Luke 12.30, 1 Tim 3.17, Luke 14.23 and Matt 14.29

Too Good Not to Share -Too Good

by John Minney. John talks to us about how the gospel is too good not to share. He gives us examples of “ordinary believer” evangelism, how to gently and respectfully share. Key Texts  1 John Chapters 1-5, John 3.16


Heart Postures - Growth

by Jeff Evers. Jeff talks about doing things for the Lord with the right heart, as humbleness, having the right attitude and motivation are so attractive to God—also the benefits of reading the word aloud in our secret places. Key scriptures Matt 6. 1-4, Luke 19.1-4, Ephes1.3-8

Heart Postures - Fasting

by Brooke Wheatley: Brooke continues the series on Heart Postures by looking at the different ways we can fast, what blessings there are for those who do, and God's attitude towards the practice. Key Scriptures Judges 20.26, Ezra 10.6 & 8.21, Daniel 10.3-5 and Jonah 3.3-4 

Heart Postures - Prayer

by Caleb and Brooke Wheatley, Guy and Veronica Mansbridge: Caleb and Brooke take a lounge-style look at prayer, bringing in Guy and Veronica for their thoughts. They address such things as "How did Jesus pray", "Can prayer initially seem boring", "Prayer is the pathway to relationship with God" and 'Prayer changes history". Key texts Luke 11.1, Matt 6.9-11, Ephes 6.10

Heart Postures - Father Heart of God

by Rob Moores. Rob takes us through 1 Samuel, looking at David as a man with a heart after God. He talks about the heart being the essence of who we really are and God's heart is the very essence of who He is.  Key Scriptures: 1 Sam 13.14, Duet 7.6-8, Is 43. 1-7, John 14. 8-9

Heart Postures - Steadfastness

by Caleb Wheatley. Caleb Looks through James, and Daniel and talks about steadfastness, and in that, endurance, perseverance, consistency, character and honour.  Key Texts, James 1.2-5, 1 Sam 16.7, Dan 6.3-7

Heart Postures - Humility

by Brooke Wheatley. This week, Brooke launches our new series called ‘Heart Postures for Growth.’
She opens the series with the topic of Humility, what it is, why it's important to God and how we grow in it.
Key Scriptures include Collos 3:12, 2 Sam 22:28, Isaiah 66:2, Psalm 147:6, Prov 3:34, Micah 6:8, James 4:6.

I Have No Greater Joy

by Chad Mansbridge: Back at Bayside for the first time since their farewell celebration precisely 12 months ago, our founding pastors Chad and Jaye Mansbridge return to the pulpit with this powerfully encouraging word. With content drawn mainly from Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Chad speaks as an apostolic father to the house, exhorting us to continue in the following four truths: the Faithfulness of the Father, the Freedom of the Son, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the Fellowship of the Family. Key texts include: 1 Thessalonians 3:6–13; 3 John 1:2–4; and various passages from Galatians.

Galatians 6: Love Like Life Depends On It Part 2

by Caleb Wheatley: Caleb continues the series on Galatians, looking at chapter 6. Caleb references the procedure of CPR and how it parallels with us carrying the life of Jesus, and bringing people into His wonderful love. Key Scriptures Gal 6, John 8.35

Fathers Day: The Maker's Mark

by Caleb Wheatley: This weekend for a fathers Day treat Bayside hosted a number of Specialty vehicles before the service. Over recent years car manufacturers have been marking their cars with different symbols for the owner to seek out. God's creation is all around us, at some point in every person's life we will be faced with the question who is God? Can he be known? How do I seek him out. The greater narrative of the bible is such that God the father can be found and wants to walk with us in life and has made a way for this through Jesus Christ resulting in the greatest “easter” egg of all time. Key Scriptures Psalm 139:13-14

Galatians 5: Love like life depends on it

by Caleb Wheatley: To love and to be loved is one of the paramount basic needs of a person, here in scripture we see that God has given grace so that through salvation we can remain in his love, that as we remain in him we produce good habits that reflect the perfect love of God. Paul calls this fruits of the spirit. As Christ followers we can all bear fruit as we remain and walk in Gods full love and grace. Key Scriptures: Galatians 5, John 15

Galatians 3 and 4: Human Effort vs Faith in Jesus

by John Minney. John takes us through Galatians 3 & 4, discussing that "Just doing things for God is the opposite of embracing what God is doing for you". Nothing but belief in Jesus changes who we are and puts us right with God. Righteousness is right relationship. Key Scriptures Gal 3 & 4. Rom 12.1  

Galatians 2: Living in the True Gospel

Join Brooke this week as we delve into Living Free from the Law and points we can model from both Paul and Peter and their passion for the true Gospel. Key scriptures: Galatians 2.

Galatians 1: No Other Gospel

by Caleb Wheatley. Here Caleb talks about the background to the book of Galatians. At a time when Judaisers were trying to add law to the Gospel, Paul wrote a great letter to boost the believers in their faith encouraging them to keep the Gospel simple. The truth is the Gospel is the Gospel, there is no other Gospel apart from Christ. Key Scriptures: Galatians 1.

Winter Warmers 2023: Fishing for People

by Rob Moores. Rob takes us through his experiences with fishing and parallels with Jesus' teaching on fishing for people. Key texts. Luke 5:10, Ephesians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Winter Warmers 2023: Family Service - Solomon

by Caleb Wheatley. In this family service where all the children stay in, Caleb talks about the life of Solomon and how this wise man of God encouraged us to enjoy life to the fullest but within the context of Godly living. Also, our Joy is found in loving the Lord and those around us. Key Texts: Eccless 11.9, 8.15, Col 3.17, Col 3.23, 1 Kings 3.5, Mark 12.28-29.    

Winter Warmers 2023: Faith it till you Make it

by: Caleb Wheatley. Faith is an essential construct in your walk with Christ. Faith can increase in time, experience and revelation; this can be challenged at different times in our lives. Here we see that the bible is full of stories of men and women who at times, needed to faith it till they made it. You can also Faith it till you make it in times when you feel challenged. Key Scriptures. Heb 11:1, John 6:53:57, 60-61, 66-68, Luke 5:4, Matt 4:4

Winter Warmers 2023: Permanent Consciousness of Weakeness

by Rob Rufus. Rob talks about how the Father wants us to rest in His strength and not our own. To have the constant revelation that in our weakness, His strength prevails to see the Holy Spirit and the supernatural abound in our lives. Key Scriptures. 2 Cor 12.9, Ephes 6.10, Heb 10.28

Winter Warmers 2023: God as our Protector

by Mal Munro: Mal talks about God being our protector and qualifies what that means. He touches on our relationship with the Lord, our trusting Him and looks at how the Lord protects us. Key Scriptures Ps 91, Isaiah 43 vs 2-3, Prov 3. 5-6, Ephes 6.

Winter Warmers 2023: Jesus in Psalm 23

by Lianne Perry. Since visiting Israel, Lianne shares what she now sees as a close connection between Psalm 23 and Jesus’ physical journey to the cross per Matthew 26, and how this enhances the relevance and application of Psalm 23 for us. Keys Scriptures: Psalm 23, Matthew 26

Sow and Grow: Our Father the Gardener

by Caleb Wheatley. John 15:1 gives us insight into our heavenly Father's heart and how He will not leave us as we are but cares for His Garden. As we dive into this scripture, we see that the Father is present in our lives, He is proactive in our lives, and the best way to receive this is to remain in His son Jesus who is "The Vine". Key Scriptures: John 15:1

Sow and Grow: Road to Emmaus

by Brooke Wheatley: Brooke takes us through the scripture of the account of Jesus on the road to Emmaus. She looks at Jesus being for the common man, things happen when He is the focus, and how Jesus esteems the word of God. Key Scriptures: Luke 24.13-35 

Sow and Grow: Seven Seeds of Grace that Grow Giants

by Ryan Rufus: Ryan explains the incredible gift of grace by looking at our total forgiveness, righteousness, open access to God, freedom, new nature, identity and family. Key Scriptures: Heb 10.14, Rom 3.19, 2Cor 5.21, Gal 3.23-25, Ephes 4.22 

Sow and Grow: The Kingdom

by Caleb Wheatley. Jesus would often talk about the Kingdom of God, and in doing so, would often refer to agriculture in the growing of a seed. In Mathew, He tells a story about the Kingdom of God and how a small seed flourishes to be a mighty tree; for us in our Christian journey, the Holy Spirit has the tools we need to carry out this work. Key Scriptures- Mathew 13:31, Acts 1:4, 2:1, Eph 1:13-14, 1 Cor 12:7, Rom 8:26, John 14:26, Gal 5:22

Sow and Grow: Forget not His Benefits

by Steve Potter. Steve takes us through Ps 103 and how he applies truths from the text to his daily devotionals. He touches on God's will, healing, redemption, authority, our hopes and restoration. Key Texts: Ps 103.2, J0sh 1.8, James 1.22, 2 Tim 3.16

Sow and Grow: Planting Seeds of Selfless Love

by Brooke Wheatley. Brooke talks to us about the importance of being selfless in love, knowing that the enemy to selfless love is a "me culture" and to "love anyway" past the feelings. Key Scripture; 1 John 4.7-11  

Sow and Grow: Principles for Living

by Caleb Wheatley. Caleb talks about scattering something that matters, what you sow is what you grow and an invitation for God to show us where He wants to sow us. Key Scriptures Matt.13, Matt 17.16, Mark 4.3

Mountains and Valleys: Jesus

by Caleb Wheatley. Caleb takes us through the account of Jesus' death and resurrection and highlights the road to Calvary was the highest mountain anyone has or will ever have climbed. Key scriptures -

Mountains and Valleys: The first time Paul was murdered

by Ryan Rufus: Getting stoned, being raised from the dead, and then continuing to preach was just another day in the office for Paul. We need to see this kind of robustness and passion for Jesus and the Gospel mission coming back to believers' lives worldwide! Key Scriptures. Acts 14

Mountains and Valleys: Elijah Part 2

by Caleb Wheatley: In this second instalment of looking at Elijah on the mountain, Caleb shares that YOU meeting with God and spending time with THE GREAT I AM will help you in the valley; any terrain or obstacle is no match for the power and authority of God, and what he intends to do in your life through you, the only question remaining is – are you ready? Key Scriptures: 1 Kings 19

Mountains and Valleys: Elijah Part 1

by Caleb Wheatley: Caleb looks at the life of Elijah and talks about the Lord's desire for us to spend time with Him. He highlights what could be some things that might be hindrances to us. Key scripture: 1 Kings 19

Mountains and Valleys: Peter

by Mal Munro. Mal takes us through the accounts of the transfiguration and Peter's denial of Jesus and his redemption from the perspective of mountains and valleys in our lives. He parallels Peter's responses to similar situations we might find ourselves in and how learning contentment in the trials and the celebrations can bring us peace in Jesus. Key Verses: Matt 17.1-13, Ephes 3.19, Matt 26.30-75, John 21.15 

Mountains and Valleys: David

by Brooke Wheatley: This is the first of our ‘Mountain and Valleys’ series, and Brooke opens with the significance of valleys and how King David's experiences can help guide and inspire us through our own.” Key Scriptures: Psalm 23, 1 Samuel 22:10, Psalm 142, Psalm 57

Seven Pillars of Bayside: Government, Glory, Generations, Grace.

by Caleb Wheatley. Caleb takes us through the last 4 pillars of Bayside. Key Scripture: Proverbs 9:1

Seven Pillars of Bayside: Growth, Gathering, Giving.

by Lianne Perry. Constant values promote freedom and direction to encounter and share the rich, fresh reality of God with us. Lianne reminds us of the characteristic values in this house as she reviews our Pillars: Growth, Gathering & Giving. Key Scripture: Proverbs 9:1

Summertime Preaching: Are you being Robbed?

by Brooke Wheatley: This week Brooke reminds us of the power of the word of God in fighting battles against the enemy and holding onto our inheritance in Christ. Key Scriptures: John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8, Genesis 25, Ephesians 6:16, Luke 4:4-13

Summertime Preaching 2023: Free in '23

by Caleb Wheatley: Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Join us as we are reminded again of who we are and whose we are. As a result of being part of the Kingdom of God, we are free indeed!  Key scriptures: John 8.36, John 8.32, John 15.4, Gal 3.28, Gal 5.1

Summertime Preaching 2023: God the Father - Jesus our Protector

by Rob Moores. Rob encourages us to look at the early life of Jesus and how His Father protected Him. In turn, Rob invites us to look at how Jesus has protected us throughout our lives. Rob also touches on the armour the Lord has given us and acknowledges its power in keeping our minds protected from the enemy's lies. Key verses: Luke 1. 26-35, Ephes 6, Ephes 4.6, Ephes 1 v 4&5

Summertime Preaching 2023: Pursue, Position, Praise

by Caleb Wheatley: Every year, many resolve to make new goals for the year. Instead of kicking goals in our own strength, Caleb encourages us to wait on God and allow him to position us for the next in our lives. Key scriptures: Psalm 40

Christmas Stories at Bayside: Joseph

by Brooke Wheatley: Wrapping up this short series, Brooke focuses on the life of Joseph in the Christmas Story. He was a kind man, willing to obey the Lord and ultimately an amazing foster Father to the Son of God. Key text: Matthew 1:18 – 2:23.

Christmas Stories at Bayside: Caleb Wheatley

by Caleb Wheatley - Description to follow

Christmas Stories at Bayside: The Shepherds

by Jeff Evers : Jeff opens the series, Christmas stories at Bayside, by looking at the story of the Shepherds, ordinary men doing ordinary things that had an extraordinary encounter and then they shared the good news of great joy that the messiah had been born. He encouraged us to look at a familiar story with fresh eyes. Key Text: Luke 2. 1-20

Jesus is My: El Shaddai

by Sean W Smith. Sean speaks about Jesus being our all-sufficient God. For our hearts not to be troubled and to declare His word over our lives. Key Text: Jerem 17.5-8

Jesus is My: Way Maker

by Jeff Evers - description to come.

Jesus is My: Lord and Saviour

by Caleb Wheatley: Caleb interviews Luke Lewitzka who tells of the Lord's goodness and the way the Lord solidified and anchored Luke's faith so that there was "no stone unturned".

Jesus is my: Jesus is my Testimony

By Caleb Wheatley:  Story has been a way to pass down instruction and teaching for generations, the thing about “story” is, everyone has one. Tune in and have a listen how one of the greatest gifts we have for someone is to share our story because our history points to HIS-STORY. Key Verses: Acts 26:10, Acts 26:12-16, Phil 1v6

Jesus is My: Brooke interviews the Polsons

by Brooke Wheatley. Brooke interviews Jon and Allie Polson. They tell of their journey from the UK to Australia and how Jesus guided them and gave them peace and strength through the whole process.

Jesus is My: Light of Glory

By Caleb Wheatley: To introduce this series Caleb looks at Jesus being the light of the world and touches on a few attributes of light, which easily points to God's incredible design. Sometimes when we think about how Big, Creative, and purposeful God is, our best response is to adore his Magnificence. Key Verses: Ps 19.1, Rev 4.11, 1 Cor 8.6, John 1.1, John 15.16, Matt 5.14-16.

20in22: Demolishing Disparity

by Rob Rufus: One of the first Apostolic voices to grace our pulpit in the early days of Bayside, Rob brings a word that encourages Bayside and the Church as a whole. Here Rob delicately unfolds that Disparity is the incongruous contradiction between the promises of God’s word and the actual results Christianity is experiencing. In order to close the gap, we need to recognize what has caused disparity and remove it. Rob unfolds 5 points in this message with the following scriptures. Read Jn14:11&12 and Eph 3:20

20in22: Mansbridge Family Bids Farewell

[FULL SERVICE] by Ebony, Jaye, Charlie, Jesse and Chad Mansbridge. After 20 years of serving as Lead Pastor/s to Bayside Church, the Mansbridge family bid Bayside a fond farewell during this very special Sunday morning service. Amidst fond memories, words of encouragement, and various expressions of gratitude, Chad and Jaye take opportunity to each share their departing words of wisdom to our church family. 

20in22: A Pastor’s Farewell Address

[SERMON ONLY] by Chad Mansbridge. After some fond reflections and personal expressions of thanks from members of his family, Chad takes us, once again, to Acts 20, where we find Paul’s famous ‘farewell address’ to the Ephesian elders—a speech which, in many ways, reflects those given by Old Testament leaders such as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David and Jesus. Drawing on highlights from each of these biblical examples, Chad offers the congregation a sincere and heart-felt farewell of his own as his time of serving as Bayside’s lead pastor comes to a close after 20 years. Key texts include Acts 20:17–38; Deut. 31:8; Josh. 24:14–15; 1 Sam. 12:23; 1 Kings 2:2; 1 Chron. 29:17–18; John 13:34–35; Acts 20:28.

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Saviour of Souls (Matt 19-28)

by Brooke Wheatley. As we finalise our month of learning through Mathew’s gospel, we reach our culmination of the series and look at the ultimate sacrifice Jesus paid and are reminded of His love for us. Key Scriptures: Matt 27:15-31, Eph 1:4

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Bearer of Burdens (Matt 11-13)

by Brooke Wheatley. Join us as we move through the middle scriptures of Matthew gospel and Brooke shares with us one of Jesus’ most generous offers – the promise to bear our burdens. We explore the text inviting us to ‘Come to Him’ and His promise of rest for our souls. Key Texts include: Matt 11:28-30

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Founder of a Royal Family (Matt. 14–18)

by Chad Mansbridge. Jumping ahead to Part 4 of our preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad begins with a summary of the series so far, before providing a heads-up on this week’s readings: Matthew Chapters 14–18. With a focus on Jesus’ body of teaching in Chapter 18, Chad encourages us to embrace our responsibilities as members of God’s house, and see Christ as Founder of a Royal Family! Key texts include: Matthew 17:24–27; Matthew 18:1–35.

Who Do You Say I am: Jesus is Merciful (Matt. 8-10)

by Caleb Wheatley. Continuing our short series through the Book of Matthew, Caleb brings to life how throughout these chapters we see that Jesus is a "Merciful King" and has the heart to see all people whole. So much so that He then empowers His “Army” (His Church) to go and do the same.  Key Texts include: Matt-9:13, Matt 9:36, Matt 10:1

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Saviour and King (Matt. 1–7)

by Chad Mansbridge. In launching our Term 3 preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad encourages us to see how the opening chapters of Matthew’s Gospel reveals Christ as both Saviour and King. Beginning with Jesus’ genealogy in Chapter 1, and concluding with His Sermon on the Mount in Chapter 7, this first instalment of our Matthew Series will encourage you to acknowledge Christ as Saviour and Lord with both your lips and your lifestyle. Key texts include: Matthew 16:13–18; Matthew 1:1–17; Matthew 7:21–29.

But God: Hears Your Prayers

by Brooke Wheatley. Today Brooke shares on how we can develop our relationship with God through prayer. Includes inspirational stories of God answering prayer throughout the Bible as well as what we can do when our prayer lives aren’t so ‘hot’ and He doesn’t seem to be listening. True Fact; God always hears your prayers! Key texts include: 1 Samuel 9-18, Acts 10:28, Micah 3:4, Psalm 22:2, Luke 18:1-7

But God: Prayer and Praise, the Ultimate Weapons

by Caleb Wheatley. Life comes at us fast and hard, sometimes unexpected. When tough situations arise, scripture gives us some pointers on the best way to respond. Caleb shares out of 2 Chronicles that sometimes we can have a battle in life that is not ours “But God’s”.  Key text includes: 2 Chronicles 20:1-26; 2 Chronicles 17:3-4

But God: Gives Grace

by Jesse Mansbridge. Without doubt, the Gospel of God’s Grace—made possible through the death and resurrection of Christ—is the greatest ‘But God’ tale of all time! Join Jesse as he reveals the unconditional Grace of God in the Story of the Prodigal Son, and explains how that Grace can overflow in our life to impact those around us.  Key texts include: Romans 5:1–8; Ephesians 2:1-10; Romans 6:15-23; Galatians 1:11-16.

But God: Intended it for Good (Joseph)

by Chad Mansbridge. Arguably the most beloved ‘But God’ sagas of Scripture, the story of Joseph is a classic tale of how God is able to bring good out of the most challenging of situations. Join Chad as he walks us through the journey of Joseph and his jealous older brothers to see how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are able to meet you in hopeless and painful times … and bring about a ‘But God’ moment in your life today! Key texts include: Acts 7:9–10; Genesis 37:1–36; Genesis 39:20–23; Genesis 41:16; Genesis 45:1–9; Genesis 15:15–20; Romans 8:28; Romans 5:8; Romans 8:37.

But God: I Surrender All

by Jaye Mansbridge. As we continue this term’s ‘But God’ preaching series, Jaye takes opportunity to share her perspective on the Mansbridge family’s recent transition news. From the earliest stories in Genesis, biblical history contains many accounts of those who are called to embark on journey with God—adventures that require faith, courage, sacrifice and surrender. While often mysterious, the wisdom of God is always reliable as He reveals the path forward: no eye  has seen, nor ear has heard … ’but God’ has revealed them through His Spirit! Key texts include: Prov. 19:21; 1 Cor 2:9–10; 1 Cor. 2:1–12.

20in22: Commissioning for a New Season

by Fini & Isi DeGersigny. On this profoundly significant Sunday morning, apostolic hands are laid on Brooke and Caleb Wheatley, as they are commissioned into their new role as lead pastors of Bayside Church and Chad and Jaye begin to ‘hand on the baton’ to the next generation of Bayside leadership. Fini and Isi are long-time friends of our church family and lead Jubilee Church in Sydney. Key Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:1–11

But God: Trusting the ‘But God’ for your Season

by Brooke Wheatley. Kicking off our Term 2 Preaching Series just a fortnight after Chad and Jaye’s transition announcement, Brooke preaches from Matthew 19 on how God speaks to the heart. Also key to the day is their story for 2022 and how they as a family have experienced a ‘But God’ moment in their direction for ministry and Bayside.

Key Text: Matthew 19:16-26

20in22: Major ‘Moving-Forward’ News

by Chad Mansbridge. In this ‘once-in-20-year message’, Chad sits down to explain how his season of serving as Bayside’s lead pastor is drawing to an end, as he and Jaye sense the Father leading them to relocate interstate for the next phase of their life and ministry journey. A somewhat tender, yet profoundly prophetic moment for our church, in this message you’ll hear details on the process of Chad and Jaye’s journey thus far, and of God’s plans for our future moving forward. Our 20in22 year just got a whole lot more exciting! Key texts: Acts 20:16–38.

20in22: Moving Forward Together

by Chad Mansbridge. After addressing a bit of ‘Family Business’, Chad dons on his ‘teacher hat’ and walks us through a contextual Bible-study of Ancient Israel’s journey in the wilderness; specifically, the second year of their travels, from Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea. It is here the Israelites were trained in how to ‘keep in step with the Spirit’—to be a people who followed the cloud of God’s presence. It is also here we see God’s Shepherd-heart … that none would be left behind, but all would move forward together. Key texts: Exodus 40:34-38; Numbers 7:1–2; 9:1–11; 1:1–4; 10:11–13; 9:17–23; John 10:14–16.

Better Together: Ephesians 6: The Armour Of God

By Lianne Perry. Considering the locational placement of the armour God supplies & how the pieces symbolise our new nature in Jesus, Lianne relates how this equips us to stand against the devil's schemes & pray with confidence and faith for each other. Key text: Ephesians 5:21 - 6:24, specifically 6:11, 13, 18

Better Together: Ephes 4-5: Being Ambassadors for Jesus

By Rob Moores. Rob takes us through what it means to be an ambassador for Jesus in our community, not getting distracted by worldly things, but being filled with God’s love and the Holy Spirit and showing that love and having an explanation of who God is to those around us. Key texts: Ephes 4.20 - 5.17, John 14.34-35

Better Together : Gifts

By Steve Potter. Steve gives us an overview of the church at Ephesus and Paul’s journey from Jerusalem to Ephesus. Steve talked about the amazing impact the Ephesian church had and how it had changed the whole climate of the region. They did this through the power of the Holy Spirit, and Steve takes us through how the Holy Spirited gifted the Ephesian church and how He gifts us today and challenges us to see God working in and through us. Key texts: Ephesians 4:1-16, Acts 19:10-27, Romans 8:19.

Better Together: Mysterious plan revealed - Us and Jesus

by Caleb WheatleyGod's secret plan revealed! His love for us now means that we get to have access to God's resources as we share and live out the Gospel in our community. As we continue to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus our “first love” more of his goodness is revealed and works its way out through the local Church. Key texts; Eph 3v7-10; Rev 2v3; Eph 3v14-19

Better Together: Ephesians 2 - A Reconciled Community

by Chad Mansbridge. Ephesians 2 contains some of this epistle's most beloved one-liners, but there's far more to it than that! It is here that Paul explains how the work of Christ brought together two of the most divided cultural groups of his day—Jew and Gentile. In this message, Chad helps us to appreciate various aspects of the culture of biblical times, before encouraging us to see the church today as God's reconciled, and reconciling, community. Key texts: Ephesians 2:1–22; Galatians 3:26–28.