7 Signs: Grace & Generations

by Chad Mansbridge. In this Final Instalment of his mini-series on the 7 Pillars of Bayside Church, using Antioch as a teaching model, Chad walks us through Acts 15 where Paul contends strongly for the undiluted and unmixed message of God’s Gospel of Grace!

7 Signs: Glory

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Three of this mini-series on the Church in Antioch, we examine the release of Paul and Barnabas on their first major apostolic journey into the Gentile-world. Something that was only possible thanks to this church’s commitment to living in and from the Presence of God.

7 Signs: Giving & Government

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Two of this mini-series on Signs of a Healthy Church, we witness how the Christians in Antioch generously respond to a prophetic word and send financial aid to their brothers in Judea and surrounds; this they do, also, by recognising the governing structure of that Church community.

7 Signs: Growth & Gathering

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part One of this mini-series, Chad introduces us to the Church in Antioch (per Acts 11-16), encouraging us to draw inspiration from its powerful example of a church characterised by Growth and a commitment to Gathering together as a holy ekklesia.