Christmas Stories at Bayside: Joseph

by Brooke Wheatley: Wrapping up this short series, Brooke focuses on the life of Joseph in the Christmas Story. He was a kind man, willing to obey the Lord and ultimately an amazing foster Father to the Son of God. Key text: Matthew 1:18 – 2:23.

Christmas Stories at Bayside: Caleb Wheatley

by Caleb Wheatley - Description to follow

Christmas Stories at Bayside: The Shepherds

by Jeff Evers : Jeff opens the series, Christmas stories at Bayside, by looking at the story of the Shepherds, ordinary men doing ordinary things that had an extraordinary encounter and then they shared the good news of great joy that the messiah had been born. He encouraged us to look at a familiar story with fresh eyes. Key Text: Luke 2. 1-20