Hebrews 13: Loving Church

by Chad Mansbridge. In this final instalment of our “Last but not Least”, Chad focusses on those verses in Hebrews 13 which encourage us to “Love Church”; encouraging us to demonstrate Commitment to those we know, Acceptance of those we don’t, Respect for those who lead, and Empathy to those in need (C.A.R.E.).

Hebrews 13: Contentment over Compromise

by Chad Mansbridge. In this second episode of our “Last but not Least” series on Hebrews 13, we examine the encouragement to avoid the love of money and prioritise contentment over compromise.

Hebrews 13: Honouring Marriage

by Chad Mansbridge. In response to a series of clear prophetic dreams, Chad takes time to share on how we can honour marriage as a community with this powerful message from Hebrews 13:4. Thus begins a new mini-series in the lead up to Christmas where we examine some of life’s big issues from Hebrews 13; “Last but not Least”.