Mountains and Valleys: Jesus

by Caleb Wheatley. Caleb takes us through the account of Jesus' death and resurrection and highlights the road to Calvary was the highest mountain anyone has or will ever have climbed. Key scriptures -

Mountains and Valleys: The first time Paul was murdered

by Ryan Rufus: Getting stoned, being raised from the dead, and then continuing to preach was just another day in the office for Paul. We need to see this kind of robustness and passion for Jesus and the Gospel mission coming back to believers' lives worldwide! Key Scriptures. Acts 14

Mountains and Valleys: Elijah Part 2

by Caleb Wheatley: In this second instalment of looking at Elijah on the mountain, Caleb shares that YOU meeting with God and spending time with THE GREAT I AM will help you in the valley; any terrain or obstacle is no match for the power and authority of God, and what he intends to do in your life through you, the only question remaining is – are you ready? Key Scriptures: 1 Kings 19

Mountains and Valleys: Elijah Part 1

by Caleb Wheatley: Caleb looks at the life of Elijah and talks about the Lord's desire for us to spend time with Him. He highlights what could be some things that might be hindrances to us. Key scripture: 1 Kings 19

Mountains and Valleys: Peter

by Mal Munro. Mal takes us through the accounts of the transfiguration and Peter's denial of Jesus and his redemption from the perspective of mountains and valleys in our lives. He parallels Peter's responses to similar situations we might find ourselves in and how learning contentment in the trials and the celebrations can bring us peace in Jesus. Key Verses: Matt 17.1-13, Ephes 3.19, Matt 26.30-75, John 21.15 

Mountains and Valleys: David

by Brooke Wheatley: This is the first of our ‘Mountain and Valleys’ series, and Brooke opens with the significance of valleys and how King David's experiences can help guide and inspire us through our own.” Key Scriptures: Psalm 23, 1 Samuel 22:10, Psalm 142, Psalm 57