Same Same - But Superior

By Caleb Wheatley.   The lead-up to Christmas (commonly called Advent) is typically a time to reflect about the promises of God. We reflect on the promises in the past that God has done, we reflect on the promises he is fulfilling in the present and we look forward to the promises yet to have taken place and the promise of his return in glory. Today Caleb takes an overarching look at the story of Moses and Jesus together they are same same, but the story of Jesus is far superior.

Key Scriptures: Heb 1:1-4, Ex 2, Luke 2, Ex 3:7, Luke 3, Ex 6-7, Luke 4, Luke 4:43, Ex 12, Rev 22:1-3, Rev 22:12-13

Too Good Not to Share - Get out of the boat!

by Brooke Wheatley. Today Brooke shares about Getting out of the Boat and how we can rely on Jesus to lead us and also to catch us when we need it. Key Texts - Matthew 14:15-33, Jeremiah 29:12-13, 1 Peter 3:12, Psalms 18:6

Caleb talks about Bayside's Prophetic Word from Kimberley Douglas.

by Caleb Wheatley.  After a few amazing weeks as a church, God is doing things in the midst of his people. Caleb shares from the heart on what God is revealing bit by bit as we are led, whilst encouraging us to continue to follow Jesus in all that we do. Elly Parker also gives a word. Keys Texts - Luke 12.30, 1 Tim 3.17, Luke 14.23 and Matt 14.29

Too Good Not to Share -Too Good

by John Minney. John talks to us about how the gospel is too good not to share. He gives us examples of “ordinary believer” evangelism, how to gently and respectfully share. Key Texts  1 John Chapters 1-5, John 3.16