Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Saviour of Souls (Matt 19-28)

by Brooke Wheatley. As we finalise our month of learning through Mathew’s gospel, we reach our culmination of the series and look at the ultimate sacrifice Jesus paid and are reminded of His love for us. Key Scriptures: Matt 27:15-31, Eph 1:4

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Bearer of Burdens (Matt 11-13)

by Brooke Wheatley. Join us as we move through the middle scriptures of Matthew gospel and Brooke shares with us one of Jesus’ most generous offers – the promise to bear our burdens. We explore the text inviting us to ‘Come to Him’ and His promise of rest for our souls. Key Texts include: Matt 11:28-30

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Founder of a Royal Family (Matt. 14–18)

by Chad Mansbridge. Jumping ahead to Part 4 of our preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad begins with a summary of the series so far, before providing a heads-up on this week’s readings: Matthew Chapters 14–18. With a focus on Jesus’ body of teaching in Chapter 18, Chad encourages us to embrace our responsibilities as members of God’s house, and see Christ as Founder of a Royal Family! Key texts include: Matthew 17:24–27; Matthew 18:1–35.

Who Do You Say I am: Jesus is Merciful (Matt. 8-10)

by Caleb Wheatley. Continuing our short series through the Book of Matthew, Caleb brings to life how throughout these chapters we see that Jesus is a "Merciful King" and has the heart to see all people whole. So much so that He then empowers His “Army” (His Church) to go and do the same.  Key Texts include: Matt-9:13, Matt 9:36, Matt 10:1

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Saviour and King (Matt. 1–7)

by Chad Mansbridge. In launching our Term 3 preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad encourages us to see how the opening chapters of Matthew’s Gospel reveals Christ as both Saviour and King. Beginning with Jesus’ genealogy in Chapter 1, and concluding with His Sermon on the Mount in Chapter 7, this first instalment of our Matthew Series will encourage you to acknowledge Christ as Saviour and Lord with both your lips and your lifestyle. Key texts include: Matthew 16:13–18; Matthew 1:1–17; Matthew 7:21–29.