Sow and Grow: Forget not His Benefits

by Steve Potter. Steve takes us through Ps 103 and how he applies truths from the text to his daily devotionals. He touches on God's will, healing, redemption, authority, our hopes and restoration. Key Texts: Ps 103.2, J0sh 1.8, James 1.22, 2 Tim 3.16

Better Together : Gifts

By Steve Potter. Steve gives us an overview of the church at Ephesus and Paul’s journey from Jerusalem to Ephesus. Steve talked about the amazing impact the Ephesian church had and how it had changed the whole climate of the region. They did this through the power of the Holy Spirit, and Steve takes us through how the Holy Spirited gifted the Ephesian church and how He gifts us today and challenges us to see God working in and through us. Key texts: Ephesians 4:1-16, Acts 19:10-27, Romans 8:19.

Come, let us: Build Community

by Steve Potter. Long time friend of Bayside Church, Steve Potter, continues our series on 'Come, Let Us' by talking about building a community, and how it makes us into better versions of ourselves.