Rivers of Life-Giving Water

by Rachel Donaldson. In this message Rachel talks about how to navigate through two different rivers of life, rivers of rest and rivers of rapid waters and how to produce rivers of life giving water through each season.

Journeys: Being Influencers

by Maureen Moores. Drawing from her own life experience and prophetic words of encouragement given her over the years, Maureen encourages us to see that the world needs positive influencers. Even those born 'at the bottom of the hill', can open the package God has given them to influence the world around them with Heaven's Joy and Peace!

Restore, Raise Up, Release

by Nick Resce. Back to Bayside for 2021, Nick returns to our pulpit to encourage us in the three main functions of the church: being a community that restores, raises up and then releases people into their God-given identity, purpose and calling. With a particular focus on 'raising up' (i.e., maturing) believers as well-rounded followers of Jesus, Nick invites us to embrace our calling to be a discipling community here at Bayside.

Journeys: Fast and Feast!

by Chad Mansbridge. This special 'public holiday' instalment of our Journeys series has us again revisiting the exodus motif where we see God commanding His people to set aside special times of Joy and Peace, of Feasting and Fasting. Join Chad as he walks us through the Feasts os Israel in Leviticus 23, and discover how all these powerful pictures point us to Christ!