I Have No Greater Joy

by Chad Mansbridge: Back at Bayside for the first time since their farewell celebration precisely 12 months ago, our founding pastors Chad and Jaye Mansbridge return to the pulpit with this powerfully encouraging word. With content drawn mainly from Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Chad speaks as an apostolic father to the house, exhorting us to continue in the following four truths: the Faithfulness of the Father, the Freedom of the Son, the Fruit of the Spirit, and the Fellowship of the Family. Key texts include: 1 Thessalonians 3:6–13; 3 John 1:2–4; and various passages from Galatians.

20in22: Mansbridge Family Bids Farewell

[FULL SERVICE] by Ebony, Jaye, Charlie, Jesse and Chad Mansbridge. After 20 years of serving as Lead Pastor/s to Bayside Church, the Mansbridge family bid Bayside a fond farewell during this very special Sunday morning service. Amidst fond memories, words of encouragement, and various expressions of gratitude, Chad and Jaye take opportunity to each share their departing words of wisdom to our church family. 

20in22: A Pastor’s Farewell Address

[SERMON ONLY] by Chad Mansbridge. After some fond reflections and personal expressions of thanks from members of his family, Chad takes us, once again, to Acts 20, where we find Paul’s famous ‘farewell address’ to the Ephesian elders—a speech which, in many ways, reflects those given by Old Testament leaders such as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David and Jesus. Drawing on highlights from each of these biblical examples, Chad offers the congregation a sincere and heart-felt farewell of his own as his time of serving as Bayside’s lead pastor comes to a close after 20 years. Key texts include Acts 20:17–38; Deut. 31:8; Josh. 24:14–15; 1 Sam. 12:23; 1 Kings 2:2; 1 Chron. 29:17–18; John 13:34–35; Acts 20:28.

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Founder of a Royal Family (Matt. 14–18)

by Chad Mansbridge. Jumping ahead to Part 4 of our preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad begins with a summary of the series so far, before providing a heads-up on this week’s readings: Matthew Chapters 14–18. With a focus on Jesus’ body of teaching in Chapter 18, Chad encourages us to embrace our responsibilities as members of God’s house, and see Christ as Founder of a Royal Family! Key texts include: Matthew 17:24–27; Matthew 18:1–35.

Who Do You Say I Am: Jesus is Saviour and King (Matt. 1–7)

by Chad Mansbridge. In launching our Term 3 preaching series—Who Do You Say I Am?—Chad encourages us to see how the opening chapters of Matthew’s Gospel reveals Christ as both Saviour and King. Beginning with Jesus’ genealogy in Chapter 1, and concluding with His Sermon on the Mount in Chapter 7, this first instalment of our Matthew Series will encourage you to acknowledge Christ as Saviour and Lord with both your lips and your lifestyle. Key texts include: Matthew 16:13–18; Matthew 1:1–17; Matthew 7:21–29.

But God: Intended it for Good (Joseph)

by Chad Mansbridge. Arguably the most beloved ‘But God’ sagas of Scripture, the story of Joseph is a classic tale of how God is able to bring good out of the most challenging of situations. Join Chad as he walks us through the journey of Joseph and his jealous older brothers to see how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are able to meet you in hopeless and painful times … and bring about a ‘But God’ moment in your life today! Key texts include: Acts 7:9–10; Genesis 37:1–36; Genesis 39:20–23; Genesis 41:16; Genesis 45:1–9; Genesis 15:15–20; Romans 8:28; Romans 5:8; Romans 8:37.

God Chooses Shepherds (John 10)

by Chad Mansbridge. The motif of shepherding threads through the entire scope of the Scriptures, as prophets and apostles alike seek to illustrate God’s relationship with His people and, also, describe the function of human leaders in various contexts. In this message, Chad draws on this powerful biblical theme and encourages us to acknowledge Christ as our Great Shepherd and ourselves as under-shepherds called to love and lead those around us. Key texts include: John 10: 1–21.

20in22: Major ‘Moving-Forward’ News

by Chad Mansbridge. In this ‘once-in-20-year message’, Chad sits down to explain how his season of serving as Bayside’s lead pastor is drawing to an end, as he and Jaye sense the Father leading them to relocate interstate for the next phase of their life and ministry journey. A somewhat tender, yet profoundly prophetic moment for our church, in this message you’ll hear details on the process of Chad and Jaye’s journey thus far, and of God’s plans for our future moving forward. Our 20in22 year just got a whole lot more exciting! Key texts: Acts 20:16–38.

20in22: Moving Forward Together

by Chad Mansbridge. After addressing a bit of ‘Family Business’, Chad dons on his ‘teacher hat’ and walks us through a contextual Bible-study of Ancient Israel’s journey in the wilderness; specifically, the second year of their travels, from Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea. It is here the Israelites were trained in how to ‘keep in step with the Spirit’—to be a people who followed the cloud of God’s presence. It is also here we see God’s Shepherd-heart … that none would be left behind, but all would move forward together. Key texts: Exodus 40:34-38; Numbers 7:1–2; 9:1–11; 1:1–4; 10:11–13; 9:17–23; John 10:14–16.

Easter is Christmas fulfilled

By Guy and Chad Mansbridge. What starts as a special SuperKids presentation celebrating the ‘Peace, Joy and Hope’ of this holiday season, including a visit from Santa himself … soon becomes a lesson in the parallels and differences between the events of Christmas and Easter. Why is Easter greater than Christmas? Find out on this very special Resurrection Sunday message. Key texts include: Romans 15:13; John 20:19–23.

Better Together: Ephesians 2 - A Reconciled Community

by Chad Mansbridge. Ephesians 2 contains some of this epistle's most beloved one-liners, but there's far more to it than that! It is here that Paul explains how the work of Christ brought together two of the most divided cultural groups of his day—Jew and Gentile. In this message, Chad helps us to appreciate various aspects of the culture of biblical times, before encouraging us to see the church today as God's reconciled, and reconciling, community. Key texts: Ephesians 2:1–22; Galatians 3:26–28.

20in22: Vision Sunday' (#20in22)

by Chad Mansbridge. On this very special Sunday, Chad dons his 'visionary pastor' hat to give voice and vernacular to the prophetic season in which we find ourselves in 2022—our 20th Anniversary Year. Drawing on the account of Moses, calling the Israelites to 'move on from this mountain', Chad encourages us to see that we truly have come to a 'Moving Forward Moment', as we remember our past, rejoice in the present, and reach ahead into our future together. Key texts: Deuteronomy 1:3–8; Numbers 10:11–14; Joshua 4:1–9.

Grace: Grace to Do (Romans 12–16)

By Chad Mansbridge. As he closes out this 2-Part series on Grace, Chad walks us through Romans 12:1–13 and Paul's list of 7 grace gifts. He then presents some practical pointers as to how we can recognise the unique and specific grace-gift on a person's life. Key texts include: Romans 12:1–13; Romans 15:15.

Grace : Grace to Be (Romans 1–11)

By Chad Mansbridge. As the first instalment of a 2-Part mini-series for February, Chad stresses upon us the importance of constantly living in the grace of God—that supernatural gift that, when received, causes us to be what we cannot be without Him! The Book of Romans, particularly, contains many references to the term 'grace' and many insights into its potential power in our lives. Key texts: Acts 20:22–24; Romans 1:5–7; Romans 3:21–24; Romans 4:16; Romans 5:1–2, 17; Romans 6:14–15; Romans 8:31–32; Romans 11:5–6.

Acts 20:22. Certain, and Unsure

by Chad Mansbridge. In this special message to welcome in the New Year 2022, Chad teaches through Paul’s farewell speech to the Ephesian elders, before settling on a key thought expressed in Acts 20:22 - the life of faith consists of living in the tension of being absolutely certain and yet utterly unsure, all at the same time! Be encouraged and equipped as Chad provides powerful practical advise on how to lean in to uncertainty as we look forward to a new year ahead. Key texts include: Acts 20:17–38.

Good News: God Can be Known

by Chad Mansbridge. Acts 17 records the apostle Paul's famous sermon on Mars Hill in the ancient city of Athens. It is here that he declares some very good news indeed: the 'Unknown God' can, in fact, be known! In his fourth, and final instalment of this 'Good News of Great Joy' series, follow Chad as he unpacks the context of this powerful message, and reveals it's practical pertinence for us today. Key texts include: Acts 17:16-34.

Good News: Not All News is Created Equal

by Chad Mansbridge. Acts 15 records the account of the Council of Jerusalem and describes how the leaders of the early church dealt with 'fake news' masquerading as the Gospel. It is here that James, Jesus' own brother, delivers some very good news indeed - not all news is created equal: some news is fake news but His news is for all youse! Key texts include: Acts 15:1–31

Good News: God With Us in Every Changing Season

by Chad Mansbridge. Acts 7 records the longest sermon in the New Testament as delivered by Christianity's first martyr, Stephen. In it, he recalls Ancient Israel's history to make the point that in every changing season—God is always present with His people. What Good News that is! Key texts include: Acts 7:1–60

Good News: Good News of Total Forgiveness!

by Chad Mansbridge. Launching our Term 4 Preaching Series, 'Good News of Great Joy', Chad walks us through the preaching of the apostle Peter highlighting his emphasis on the good news promise of forgiveness found in Christ, a theme Paul would later expound upon in his epistles. Key texts include: Acts 2:14–41; Acts 3:11–19; Acts 10:34–43.

Heroes: Nehemiah (Unifier of a City)

by Chad Mansbridge. Today's biblical hero is Nehemiah, who united a city and led Israel through a period of relentless pressure, to see God's purposes fulfilled. In this episode of our Heroes 2.0 Series, Chad engages us in a serious conversation about the need to remain united, especially now in 2021, as we continue to walk together through the ever-present pressures brought about by Covid, reminding us that our differences need not divide us. Key texts include: Nehemiah Chapters 2; 4; 5; 6; 13.

Heroes: Ezra (A Man of the Book)

by Chad Mansbridge. As part of National Book Week, and to coincide with the in-house release of his new book (You Can Handle the Truth), Chad's biblical hero today is Ezra - Old Testament teacher and scribe. Discover what Ezra teaches us about being a 'People of the Book', and of how we can correctly handle it for ourselves today! Key texts: Ezra 7:1–10; Nehemiah 8:1–10. #youcanhandlethetruth

Heroes: Joseph (The Great Protector)

by Chad Mansbridge. Continuing on with our 2021 Term 3 Preaching Series, we head back to where it all began, the book of Genesis, and examine the life and story of Joseph. A hero in many respects, and for many reasons, in this message Chad specifically draws out Joseph's profound commitment to being a Protector. Key texts include: Genesis 37–50; Titus 2:12; Hebrews 12:15

Heroes: Paul (Issues with Authority)

by Chad Mansbridge. Launching our 2021 Term 3 Preaching Series, Chad draws our attention to the apostle Paul and his dealings with 'authority issues'. Notably, how Paul related to those under him, over him, alongside him and within him. Is there a difference between submission and obedience? Can a leader be authoritative but not authoritarian? What about issues of conscience? Key texts include: 1 Corinthians 4; Acts 23:1–5; Galatians 2:6–11; Acts 20–21; Romans 14.

5 Prophetic Promises for Bayside

by Chad Mansbridge. In honour of the 19th anniversary of Chad & Jaye receiving their call to pioneer Bayside Church, the Lord wants to remind us of some of the key prophetic promises He has given us as a community, from Zechariah Chapter 8. This message was recorded 'live in lockdown' as part of a livestream-only Sunday Service. Enjoy!

Doing Stewardship Well

by Chad Mansbridge. One of the keys to doing life well is to master the art of stewardship. The Proverbs have a great deal to say on this important issue, highlighting many significant aspects of our lives which require good stewardship. More than just money, stewardship is about our entire lives belonging to God!

Doing Hate Well

by Chad Mansbridge. Addressing the unique and somewhat uncomfortable subject matter of 'hate', in this message Chad encourages us to draw wisdom from Proverbs 6:16-19, a passage which speaks directly to the '7 Things that God Hates'. Much like its counter-point 'love', hate is something that can be holy and helpful ... so long as it is harnessed well and handled wisely.

Four Words of Wisdom

by Chad Mansbridge. In officially launching our Term 2 Preaching Series, Chad reminds us of the calling on the church to 'raise up' people who do life well. Taking his readings from Proverbs 1–2, he then encourages us with these Four Words of Wisdom: Listen Up; Cry Out; Slow Down; and Give Up!

A Mother's Wisdom: Be Self-Aware

by Chad Mansbridge. In this special Mother's Day message, Chad takes us to Proverbs 31 where King Solomon's mother shares her wisdom with her son, encouraging him to embrace a healthy sense of self-awareness. Listen as Chad encourages us, likewise, to be aware of our: Identities, Priorities, Vulnerabilities, Responsibilities, Abilities, and Besties!

Our ANZAC Spirit

by Chad Mansbridge. This special ANZAC Day Sunday, Chad encourages us to model the four qualities famously exemplified by our national military: Courage, Endurance, Mateship and Sacrifice. These attributes are not virtues limited just to our ANZAC soldiers, they are part of the nature of our God, demonstrated most powerfully by none other than Christ Himself.

Cloth and Stone (Easter Sunday)

by Chad Mansbridge. Today's Resurrection Sunday message is based on John 20:1-21. Despite all the uncertainties and speculations surrounding that first Easter Day, there are at least three things of which we can be absolutely sure: a Curtain had been torn down, a Stone had been rolled away, and a House had been transformed!

Journeys: Fast and Feast!

by Chad Mansbridge. This special 'public holiday' instalment of our Journeys series has us again revisiting the exodus motif where we see God commanding His people to set aside special times of Joy and Peace, of Feasting and Fasting. Join Chad as he walks us through the Feasts os Israel in Leviticus 23, and discover how all these powerful pictures point us to Christ!

Journeys: Fitted Feet

by Chad Mansbridge. Launching our Term 1 Preaching Series for 2021, Chad explains how our God promises joy and peace to those who are called (and committed) to journeying with Him. Drawing on the account of Israel's exodus from Egypt, Chad highlights the importance of embracing the meta-narrative of Scripture, before landing in Ephesians 6 where Paul encourages us to see our 'feet fitted with readiness', thanks to the Gospel of Peace! Join us in the journey...

Staying Fresh!

by Chad Mansbridge. In this second instalment of his summer mini-series, Chad provides four practical ways we can stay fresh 'in a sun-scorched land'—through God's Family; His Presence; The Word; and His Principles. Enjoy!

Resolve to Refresh

by Chad Mansbridge. In our first message for the 2021 year, Chad encourages us to commit ourselves to being a 'refreshing' community—resolving to refresh others. Using examples from Paul's epistles, discover the characteristics and qualities that make a refreshing person. Enjoy! Be blessed, and refreshed by His Word today!

A Hope that Does Not Disappoint

by Chad Mansbridge. As we close out the 2020 year, Chad brings us a word on that great Christmas buzz-word, 'hope'. The disappointment brought about by unrealised hope is a universal experience, and yet Paul declares in Romans 5:1–5 that there is a hope that does not disappoint. What kind of hope is this?!

Restorative Church: Walls and Gates

by Chad Mansbridge. In the closing message of our mini-series ‘Restorative Church’, Chad walks us through the account of Nehemiah who led the third wave of Jerusalem's post-exile restoration. This is a restoration of the Walls and Gates of Jerusalem, representing the city's security, safety and strength. Walls can be a good thing, and it is our responsibility to maintain strong boundaries and guard our gates. Enjoy.

Restorative Church: The Word

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Two of our mini-series ‘Restorative Church’, Chad walks us through the book of Ezra and camps at chapter 7, where Ezra the scribe leads a restorative return to the Promised Land. This is a restoration of the Word of God to its proper place in God’s community, and Chad encourages us to take a lead from Ezra, and commit ourselves to being a Word-based people. Enjoy.

Restorative Church: Worship

by Chad Mansbridge. From our very beginnings, God has called Bayside to be a restorative church. In this opening episode of a new mini-series, Chad takes us to the book of Ezra to see how a restorative community is a worshipping community—a people who are sensitive, sacrificial, settled and submitted.

A Conversation on Death and Dying

by Chad Mansbridge and Kevin Hardy. After a brief word shared from Psalm 116, Chad introduces us to Kevin Hardy—long time friend and professional palliative care nurse. What follows is a stimulating conversation around the significant life-issue of death and dying.

Heroes: Jesus (Hebrews 3:1—6)

by Chad Mansbridge. Closing off our Spring Preaching Series, Chad saves the best ‘till last and presents to us the Hero of all heroes—Jesus, the Perfectly Faithful One. Drawing from Hebrews 3:1–6, see how Jesus serves as the faithful Apostle, High Priest and Son over God’s House fulfilling the Old Testament offices of Prophet, Priest and King. Jesus, the perfectly faithful messenger, minister and master who is able to perfectly reveal, reconcile and rule! Enjoy.

Heroes: Esther

by Chad Mansbridge. Continuing with our ‘Heroes’ series, Chad takes us through the story of Esther, where an orphaned teenage girl turned beauty pageant winner, rises to become Queen of a pagan empire and single-handedly thwarts the evil plan of a genocidal villain, saving her fellow-Jews from annihilation. The Book of Esther is a powerful reminder of how God is working behind-the-scenes in our lives, and once again demonstrates that heroes really do come in all shapes and sizes!

Heroes: Noah (Genesis 6)

by Chad Mansbridge. Arguably the first of all biblical heroes, everybody knows the story of Noah and the Flood … but few have heard it told this way before! With a special Father’s Day focus, watch how Chad unpacks a very familiar story to show what the character Noah can teach us about true heroism.

Heroes: David (1 Samuel 17)

by Chad Mansbridge. A favourite Bible-story for kids everywhere, the tale of David and Goliath is not to be dismissed as a mere fable, fantasy, fairy-tale or work of fiction… it is a power-packed story with significant lessons for people of all generations, and through all generations. Get ready to hear a familiar passage with a fresh perspective today!

Powerful Proclamations for 2020 (Psalm 20)

by Chad Mansbridge. As we reach the 20-week point of our 2020 shutdowns, Chad brings a powerful word from Psalm 20. Here, the psalmist encourages us to use the life-giving authority of our words (whether spoken or sung) to issue in peace, protection and prosperity in times of distress! A message not to be missed, and not to be ignored!

Choose Joy 8: Philippians 4:10-23

by Chad Mansbridge. As our series comes to its end, Chad begins this message the way it would have started for the original Philippian audience—reading the entire letter aloud from start-to-finish. We then give special attention to the closing passage dealing with the ABC’s of Financial Partnership: reviewing the Attitudes, Beliefs and Conduct that makes for a joyful giving experience!

Choose Joy 4: Philippians 1:27–2:18

by Chad Mansbridge. As we continue our study in Philippians, moving from Chapters 1 to 2, Chad walks us through verse-by-verse as Paul exhorts the Church to live their lives ‘worthy of the Gospel of Christ’. Discover how living like our Servant-King ‘completes’ the joy of our ministry partners and leaders!

Choose Joy 2: Philippians 1:1-11

by Chad Mansbridge. Paul opens his epistle to the Philippians, a decade or so following his Acts 16 visit to them, by introducing the letter’s main themes of Joy, Partnership and the Gospel. His first mention of joy is found in the context of prayer. In this message, Chad shares 5 pointers from this passage as to how we, too, can choose joy in our prayer life.

Choose Joy 1: Acts 16:6-40

by Chad Mansbridge. This opening message to our Winter Preaching Series—Choose Joy—has us walking through the Acts 16 account of Paul’s first ministry visit to the Philippians. See how the apostle demonstrates, by personal example, the Kingdom qualities of Righteousness, Peace and Joy before writing back to the Church years later in his Philippian epistle.

Soldier Athlete, Farmer: Part 3

by Chad Mansbridge. In this third and final instalment of his mini-series for May, Chad focusses our attention on 2 Timothy 2:6 and Paul’s metaphor of the Christian as a ‘hard-working farmer’. Diligence, together with a strong work-ethic, are qualities which the Scripture highly esteems. Learn how to ‘find JOY’ in this powerful biblical truth.

Soldier Athlete, Farmer: Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. As the second message in this mini-series, based on 2 Timothy 2:1—10, Chad focusses our attention on v.5 and reflects on the notion of the Christian as an ‘athlete’ with a particular focus on the virtue of discipline. What does this metaphor reveal to us about the nature of the Christian? And more importantly, what does it reveal to us about Jesus?

Soldier Athlete, Farmer: Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. Drawing from 2 Timothy 2:1—10, Chad takes Paul’s famous departing words of exhortation to his son Timothy and begins a new mini-series called ‘Soldier, Athlete, Famer’. In Part 1, discover what the metaphor of a soldier reveals about Jesus, Others and You!

Open Curtain, Open Tomb, Open Door

by Chad Mansbridge. This 2020 Resurrection Sunday recording formed part of our ‘Sneak Peek Sunday’, our first public livestream broadcast directed to our local community during the Covid pandemic. In this message, Chad walks us through the Easter Story in Luke’s Gospel, highlighting the significance of the open curtain in the Temple and the open tomb in the Garden, before stressing the importance of opening the Door of our lives to this Glorious Saviour! A fantastic presentation of the Gospel — be sure to share it with others.

When House Arrest Brings out the Best

by Chad Mansbridge. On Day 13 of quarantine, courtesy of Covid-19 restrictions, Chad addresses the Bayside Family via LiveStream broadcast to consider the wisdom we can take from the Apostle Paul’s time of house arrest in Acts 28. Using the Book of Philippians, Chad encourages us to Rest, Bless and Invest.

Come, let us: Draw, Hold, Consider

by Chad Mansbridge. While in quarantine, courtesy of Covid-19 restrictions, Chad brings a timely word to us via Livestream broadcast. Walking through Heb. 10:19-25, he explains how the audience of the Hebrew epistle were in a state of limbo and uncertainty, but were exhorted to Draw Near to God, Hold Firm to Hope, and Consider One-Another.

Come, let us: Walk in the Light

by Chad Mansbridge. Using the repeated exhortation of Micah 4 and Isaiah 2, Chad takes us through the Story of the Exodus to look at 3 practical ways we can “walk in the light of the Lord”. What does walking in the light look like? Walking in Grace, Obedience, and Authentegrity.

Come, let us: Worship Together

by Chad Mansbridge. This Sunday, Chad is joined on the platform by four members of Bayside’s Worship Team for a discussion on the “Come, let us” exhortations found in Psalm 95. The conversation speaks to the heart and value of both personal and community worship.

Come, let us: Build Together

by Chad Mansbridge. Kicking off our Term 1 Preaching Series for 2020, Chad begins by sharing the inspiration for the “Come, let us” theme before walking us through Zechariah Chapter 8: a passage full of prophetic promises for our church, which the Holy Spirit highlighted to him when Bayside was birthed in mid-2002.

His Gospel: My Gospel

by Chad Mansbridge. This classic message from Chad emerged out of an 18-month-long Sunday teaching series undertaken at Bayside in 2007/08 though the Book of Romans. Listen as Chad walks point-by-point through Romans 1:1-7, before concluding in the epistle’s closing passage, sixteen chapters later. The Gospel of God truly is Good News!

Four Faces of our New Creation

by Chad Mansbridge. One of Chad’s classic messages from the year 2012, this is the first instalment in our Summer Mix Tape Series. In this teaching, Chad encourages us to see that in our new creation nature, God has given us everything we need to face the complex concerns of life – including in our relationship with the Father, our Field, our Fellowman and our Foe.

2020: God’s Purpose in your Generation

by Chad Mansbridge. As we close out the 2019 year and look forward to a brand new decade, Chad brings us a word from the life and example of King David, a man who “served the purposes of God in his generation” (Acts 13:36). Keys to this testimony include the fact that David demonstrated love and respect for the people in his life: those who shaped his past, served with him in his present, and would succeed him into the future.

Born to Die, Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part 2 of this pre-Christmas mini-series, Chad brings fresh and revealing insights to Jesus’ “Lost Things Found” parables in Luke 15, before circling back to last week’s message where we see Jesus giving His life for both Jew and Gentile… those lost “in the house” and those who are “far off”: sons who were dead, but are made in Christ!

Born to Die, Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. As we begin our Christmas Season, Chad shows us the correlation between Jesus’ birth and death, stressing the point that He came both for His nation (the Jews) and the nations of the entire world. This in-depth teaching takes us through some Old Testament history as it relates to the promise of Israel’s two kingdoms being united under Messiah, and finishes up in Romans 9 and Ephesians 2 where the mystery of the “one new man” is revealed. Enjoy

Hebrews 13: Loving Church

by Chad Mansbridge. In this final instalment of our “Last but not Least”, Chad focusses on those verses in Hebrews 13 which encourage us to “Love Church”; encouraging us to demonstrate Commitment to those we know, Acceptance of those we don’t, Respect for those who lead, and Empathy to those in need (C.A.R.E.).

Hebrews 13: Contentment over Compromise

by Chad Mansbridge. In this second episode of our “Last but not Least” series on Hebrews 13, we examine the encouragement to avoid the love of money and prioritise contentment over compromise.

Hebrews 13: Honouring Marriage

by Chad Mansbridge. In response to a series of clear prophetic dreams, Chad takes time to share on how we can honour marriage as a community with this powerful message from Hebrews 13:4. Thus begins a new mini-series in the lead up to Christmas where we examine some of life’s big issues from Hebrews 13; “Last but not Least”.

Shining through Suffering

by Chad Mansbridge. In closing off our Spring Series for2019, Chad sits down and addresses the issue of dealing with grief and suffering. After all, God’s command to “Rise and Shine” in Isaiah 60 was spoken to a community undergoing tremendous pain. Learn the value of knowing when and how to Sit, Stand, Sing and Serve through suffering in order that we may Shine for Him!

Light that Shines, Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. Here in Part 2 of his Light that Shines message, Chad continues to unpack some practical ways that we can light up our world. From something as simple as smiling, to playing host to the supernatural Spirit, it’s time for you to S.H.I.N.E!

Light that Shines, Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. In this message Chad takes us through some of Isaiah’s light-related prophecies before landing at the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus calls us, His followers, the light of the world. He then examines some practical ways that we can truly shine for Christ; including to extend, to notice and to initiate.

How to Interpret the Bible, Part 3

by Chad Mansbridge. In this final instalment to our winter Word Up! teaching series, Chad finishes up the ABCS of Interpretation, before sitting down with the story of Jesus healing the demonized son and actively demonstrating how to work through the process of interpretation, to discover the JOY of biblical application!

How to Interpret the Bible, Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. Continuing on with the ABCS of exegesis (biblical interpretation), Chad encourages us to first zoom-out before zooming-in to consider the Bible’s detail. Here, he provides a broad overview of the Bible’s Big-Story Background and then considers the importance of Corroborating Content when reaching theological conclusions.

How to Interpret the Bible, Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Five of his winter Word Up! series, Chad walks us through the 3-Step process of Biblical Interpretation (hermeneutics), with a focus on the critical second step; discerning the author’s intended meaning, otherwise known as exegesis. The ABCS of Interpretation begin with establishing (A): the Author and Audience of the text in question.

How to Choose a Bible

by Chad Mansbridge. In this fourth instalment of his Word Up! series, Chad gives some practical advice on choosing a Bible translation which best suits you. He suggests every serious Bible student have ready access to at least four different Bibles in order to get the most out of God’s rich and eternal Word!

How to Handle the Bible

by Chad Mansbridge. In this third instalment of his Word Up! series, Chad unpacks three essential toolboxes God has entrusted to every believer who, like Timothy, are charged to "correctly handle the Word of Truth".

How to Read the Bible, Part 2

by Chad Mansbridge. In this second message for his 2019 Winter Preaching Series “Word Up!”, Chad continues to provide practical pointers regarding how we should approach our Bible-reading. Here, he encourages us to do so with Intentionality, Openness and Understanding.

How to Read the Bible, Part 1

by Chad Mansbridge. In this opening message to his 2019 Winter Preaching Series “Word Up!”, Chad provides some practical pointers regarding how we should go about reading our Bibles. Since the heart of the issue, is an issue of the heart, we first begin with Appreciation and Expectation!

James 5: Powerful Prayers of the Righteous

by Chad Mansbridge. With our 21-Day Fast coming to an end (in line with the 2019 Federal Election weekend), Chad uses James 5 and the Old testament example of Elijah to unpack a practical teaching on the Powerful Prayers of the Righteous.

Resurrection: Good News or Fake News?

by Chad Mansbridge. On this very special Resurrection (Easter) Sunday message, Chad asks whether the news of Jesus’ Resurrection from the tomb is true historical fact, or a mere hoax of epic proportions! With interjections from the crowd, and a packed house full of guests, definitely a morning to remember!

Call to Prayer and Fasting

by Chad Mansbridge. On this special recording Chad delivers a church-wide call to participate in a 21-Day fast from April 28 - May 18. In this brief teaching, Chad explains some Bible-basics to "Prayer and Fasting" as well as some practical ways to pray over this time.

7 Signs: Grace & Generations

by Chad Mansbridge. In this Final Instalment of his mini-series on the 7 Pillars of Bayside Church, using Antioch as a teaching model, Chad walks us through Acts 15 where Paul contends strongly for the undiluted and unmixed message of God’s Gospel of Grace!

7 Signs: Glory

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Three of this mini-series on the Church in Antioch, we examine the release of Paul and Barnabas on their first major apostolic journey into the Gentile-world. Something that was only possible thanks to this church’s commitment to living in and from the Presence of God.

7 Signs: Giving & Government

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part Two of this mini-series on Signs of a Healthy Church, we witness how the Christians in Antioch generously respond to a prophetic word and send financial aid to their brothers in Judea and surrounds; this they do, also, by recognising the governing structure of that Church community.

7 Signs: Growth & Gathering

by Chad Mansbridge. In Part One of this mini-series, Chad introduces us to the Church in Antioch (per Acts 11-16), encouraging us to draw inspiration from its powerful example of a church characterised by Growth and a commitment to Gathering together as a holy ekklesia.

The Story of Three Covenants

by Chad Mansbridge. In honour of its’ 9th anniversary this week, Chad revisits this powerful teaching on the 3 Major Covenants of the Bible which formed the basis of his first book “He Qualifies You!”. A message for which Bayside is now known globally, whether you’ve heard it before or are new to our church family, you’ll love this vital teaching!

First things First: The Privilege of Partnership

by Chad Mansbridge. In the final instalment of our summer mini-series “First Things First”, Chad walks us through the entire chapter of 2 Peter 1, encouraging us to see Partnership with God as both a privilege and priority in our lives, and to grow in our walk with Him by committing ourselves to the revelation given by the Spirit, the Saints and the Scriptures.!

First things First: First Things First

by Chad Mansbridge. As we approach a New Year, Chad encourages us to put “First Things First”; to re-evaluate and re-align our priorities with those of Heaven. In this introductory message to our summer mini-series, discover four things the Bible says we should place ‘above all’.

The 7 Places from which Jesus Bled

by Chad Mansbridge. In this powerful communion message, Chad Mansbridge walks us through the story of Christ’s Passion and highlights the 7 places from which Jesus bled for us. The Father seeks the hurting, Jesus makes us whole, and the Spirit makes us helpful!

House of Worship: This is an Awesome Place

by Chad Mansbridge. In part one of our ‘House of Worship’ series for Spring 2018, Chad Mansbridge takes us back to Bethel, and the first mention of God’s House in the Scripture. Discover four key characteristics of the church that seeks to be His House of Worship on the earth!

Believe: the Father in Matthew 5-7

by Chad Mansbridge. In this special and very simple Father’s Day message, Chad Mansbridge closes off our Believe mini-series by helping us find the Father in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Christ came to both reveal and reconcile us to a Father who is secure, attentive and responsive to His kids!

Believe: my Fathers Business

by Chad Mansbridge. In this annual “Family Business” feedback morning, Chad Mansbridge shares some practical updates concerning the financial health of Bayside Church, woven in to a powerful teaching on Christ at the Temple. Discover what it is to be sons in God’s House, with a passion for the Father’s business.

Act: #whatever

Description: in this playful yet powerful message, Chad opens our ‘Act’ mini-series encouraging us to give ourselves to activity that brings glory to Christ; and that “whatever” we do, we should carry it out with Passion, Thoughtfulness and Effort.

Speaking without thinking (tongues)

Description: In this second instalment of our 'Speak' mini-series, Chad takes us through the 'Big Five' questions on the subject of Speaking in Tongues; What? Why? Who? When? & How? We are certain you'll be both informed and inspired by this weeks teaching.

Listening Lessons from Elijah

Description: in this final instalment of our “Listen” mini-series, Chad takes us through the stories of Elijah in 1 Kings 18-19; including his calling down of fire, prayers for rain, and encounter with God on Mt Horeb. God uses different means and mechanisms by which to speak to us, and it’s important we are aware and attentive to this variety.

Acts 2: Pentecost Today

Description: Pentecost marks the completion of seven weeks (ie the ‘fiftieth’ day) from the celebration of Passover, and therefore the commemoration of Christ’s crucifixion. As Chad walks us through the second chapter of Acts, learn about the historical significance of Pentecost to the early church; and be inspired to take hold of the Person, Promise and Power of Pentecost for us today!

Vision Revealed: But Now I See

Description: in this final installment of our Revealed Series, Chad Mansbridge walks us through John Chapter 9, and the healing of the Man Born Blind. Discover the cultural significance of this sign and why it was unique to every other blind-healing Jesus performed. Also, see how those in positions of political-power oftentimes react when confronted with simple facts that contradict their established ideological beliefs!

Resurrection Revealed: Raising of Lazarus

Description: In this special Easter Sunday message Chad Mansbridge examines the last of Jesus’ 7 Signs in the Book of John; the raising of his dear friend, Lazarus. Learn about the man who became one of Jerusalem’s most effective evangelists, the uniqueness of Christs’ own resurrection from death, and what this all means for us today as resurrected believers in Him!

Glory Revealed: Water into Wine

Description/Notes: in this message Chad Mansbridge looks at the first of Jesus’ 7 Signs in the Book of John; the changing of water to wine at a wedding in Cana. In this verse-by-verse analysis, Chad examines the cultural components of an Ancient Jewish wedding, unpacks some profound theological implications and nuances in the text, and declares some powerful revelation concerning God’s Name and Nature that this sign points towards. See God’s Gospel and Glory revealed like never before!

Jesus in the Gospel of John

Description/Notes: The introductory message to our preaching series looking at Jesus in the Gospel of John. In this episode, Chad examines the Purpose and Peculiarities of this Gospel account, including a discussion on the book’s authorship. Who was ’the disciple whom Jesus loved?' The focus however, as always, is on the Person of Jesus Christ; God Divine in human form, the Word made flesh.

The Momentum Gifts (Romans 12)

Description: Part 2 of Chad’s mini-series on the subject of Momentum, launching off a prophetic word God spoke to us at the beginning of 2018. In this message, Chad looks at the seven “Momentum Gifts” found in Romans 12 and asks; which of these gifts do you identify with the most?


Description: On this podcast Chad addresses the subject of Momentum, launching off a prophetic word God spoke to us at the beginning of 2018. Momentum is arguably the greatest asset of any team, and contains three essential ingredients; Mass, Motion and Meaningful Direction.